First Look at Our Soon-To-Be Massachusetts Apartment

Well, friends, if it wasn’t official before, it is now — we’re moving to Massachusetts!

Craig and I have been working remotely and living the city life in downtown Orlando and Washington, D.C. over the past few years, but we’re taking the leap and making the move to Central Massachusetts at the beginning of November.

Our move is partly to be closer to our jobs (yes, we work at the same agency – but that’s a story for another time!), but also for us to start the process of finding the farmhouse we’ve been dreaming of buying. While we pinch our pennies to save for our dream home, that means making sacrifices and living in a temporary space for the time being.

And a few weeks ago, we went to tour an apartment community we’ve been eyeing. By the end of our time there, we signed a lease and secured our new home!

During our tour, we got to peak into the model apartment they had available, which is very close to the exact apartment we’ll be moving into next month.

After being spoiled with high-end appliances, tons of cabinet space, hardwood floors, a large bathroom, and gorgeous city views during our time in Orlando and D.C., our new space will certainly be an adjustment.

While it’s an older apartment, we’re saving a small fortune on rent every month and going from an itsy 500 square foot studio apartment to a moderately sized 2-bedroom. The apartments have also been recently renovated, and are very bright and airy — which means that I’m super confident that once we get settled in, I’ll be able to turn it into something we’ll love for however long we call this place home!

Now that we’ve got our moving date locked in and everything in place, it’s time for the hard part — packing!

And because I know you’re dying for a glimpse, here are a few photos we snapped of the model apartment we toured. I can’t wait to make this little space our own!

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  1. Gina Alyse wrote:

    Oh my goodness. This is definitely an apartment that I would style! I love all the decor and how light and bright everything is! 🙂

    Posted 10.5.17 Reply
    • Thanks, girl — that’s one of the reasons why I love it! Even though it’s temporary for only the next year or two, I’m excited to make it feel like home while we’re there 🙂

      Posted 10.5.17 Reply

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