The Ultimate Guide to Washington, D.C. Monuments

When we first visited DC a few years ago, I was overwhelmed in the best way possible. The moment you set foot in this city, there’s a historical reverence that comes over you. The monuments and memorials give you a glimpse into the past, and yet cause you to be wholly present where you are. Craig and I fell in love with this city, and we knew we had to move here for good.

Every inch of DC has something amazing to offer, and thankfully, it’s one of the best walking cities in the country. If you’re like me and love taking in historic sights, you want to see it all — and adventuring by foot is the best way to do it!

Which is why I’ve compiled the ultimate guide to monuments and memorials in Washington, DC — for you to explore, adventure, and even Instagram your way through everything this city has to offer!

National Mall/Tidal Basin

  1. Washington Monument
  2. World War II Memorial
  3. Lincoln Memorial
  4. Jefferson Memorial
  5. FDR Memorial
  6. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
  7. Korean War Veterans Memorial
  8. Vietnam Women’s Memorial
  9. Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Capitol Hill

  1. US Capitol
  2. Library of Congress
  3. Supreme Court
  4. Union Station
  5. Emancipation Statue
  6. Mary McLeod Bethune Statue
  7. Historic Congressional Cemetery

Downtown DC

  1. National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
  2. National Guard Memorial and Museum
  3. US Navy Memorial
  4. White House
  5. Lafayette Square
  6. President’s Park
  7. Pershing Park
  8. Federal Triangle
  9. Ford’s Theatre


  1. Arlington National Cemetery
  2. US Marine Corps War Memorial
  3. Air Force Memorial
  4. Pentagon Memorial

Northwest DC

  1. African American Civil War Memorial
  2. Family Tree of Life Statue
  3. Washington National Cathedral
  4. Dupont Circle Fountain
What are your favorite spots in DC? If you’ve never been, what would you be most excited to see?

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